Do You Know the Different Types of Glasses and How to Clean Them?

When your windows get dirty, you have an option of either calling a professional window cleaner or doing the cleaning yourself. If you are the type that enjoys DIY tasks, then you need to know the type of glass that you are dealing with and how best to clean it. Just like the windows themselves, glass comes in different materials, shapes, and sizes. This means one thing, the mode of cleaning will change based on these factors.

Below are some of the common types of glass installed in homes and how they are to be cleaned.

Annealed Glass

This is a fairly common type of glass and chances are high that the glass on your window is annealed glass. After being formed, this glass is taken through a process which involves slow cooling so that the internal stresses can be relieved. It’s one of the simplest glasses to clean.

Most professional window cleaners use a razor blade to scrape the glass and any dirt that may be on it. This is because compared to the other types of glasses; annealed glass is hard to scratch. Homeowners doing the cleaning themselves should use dish soap, water, a microfiber towel, and a squeegee for the exercise.

Heat Strengthened Glass

This refers to a type of glass that is heat treated so as to induce surface compression. Compared to annealed glass, this type of glass is harder, but may contain fabricating debris. In terms of resistance, heat strengthened glass tends to tolerate rapid swings in temperature. When cleaning this window, use the same materials as the annealed glass, but do not scrape it because the debris can compromise the appearance of the window.

Tempered Glass

This glass is commonly referred to as safety glass because upon impact, it breaks into small pieces and this prevents serious injuries. It’s 5 times stronger than annealed glass and it is usually stamped to identify it as tempered glass.

When it comes to cleaning, tempered glass is very tough, but extremely easy to scratch. The appropriate cleaning process involves the use of a quality cleaner together with a microfiber towel. These towels are gentle and they cannot scrub the window.

Low-E Glass

This is a special type of glass that has a coating or film applied which prevents ultra violet rays from penetrating and heating up our home. Compared to the other windows, low-E glass windows are highly priced. In fact, most energy efficient modern homes have these windows as an attempt to lower the cooling bills during the hot season. As a recommendation, these windows must not be cleaned with solutions containing ammonia. Also, the cleaner should never use abrasive material or scrub the glass because the film can be affected in addition to the lots of blemishes that may be left behind. Use an ammonia-free cleaning solution and a microfiber towel.

Therefore, it is important that you understand the type of glass your windows are made of so that you can know how to handle the cleaning to avoid scratching and imparting other blemishes.


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Landscaping Trends

The open air living and diverting pattern is general blasting. This development has taken off much more that innovation for outdoor entertainment is making strides. From mechanized shades to cell phone controlled flame pits, and movement identified lighting-you can essentially entertain outside year round. Be that as it may, what outdoor patterns are justified regardless of the venture and can increase the value of your home for quite a long time to come? We collected some of his year’s top landscaping patterns to help you more proficient and awe your visitors.

6 Landscaping Trends That Add Value

1. Make a Tropical Paradise
It’s generally simple to make an outside desert garden in your patio. Natural product trees, hibiscus plants, and outside bars for exciting can present to you a measurements of the tropics on a Monday evening. Appropriate outside lighting assumes a urgent part here by enlightening pools, plants and components, for example, wellsprings or lakes.

2. Water Features
To add to the tropical topic, water components, for example, waterfalls and lakes are to a great degree famous. Garden creators say water components are among on of the greatest developing patterns. You can begin simple with a little Zen wellspring or make a plunge ( ideally, not actually) with a full koi lake encompassed by water cordial plants. Wellsprings and models likewise include a component of class and style to your yard.

3. Up-to-date Entries
Never again is arranging and plan just sympathized the exciting zones. Control request and passages are turning out to be more present day and adroitly outlined. Exquisite porous pavers divided firmly enough for those in heels to walk energetically to your home include style and an inviting component to your home. Bear in mind to include vivid plants, passage lighting, and possibly a pop of shading to your front entryway for that minimal additional something.

4. Provincial and Wooded
The hearty, natural appeal is not only a pattern in weddings at this moment. A couple of most loved scene plans incorporate blurred wood, pergolas, wings, and mindfully put collectibles. The ragged in look is exceptionally well known in Texas; think cutting edge ranch house and the plans you see included on in Wace, Texas Fixer Upper.

5. Garden Rooms
Gone are only the straightforward lawn garden regions, and go into patio nursery rooms. Garden rooms are outdoor zones that can incorporate even a little pool and secured eating zone. Use patios, plants, blossoms, and trees to make a “room” for you to unwind and divert. While this may take somewhat more time and arranging, it can include a ton of worth and purchaser speak to your home.

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Reasons to Maintain Your Home

A home in disrepair increases safety and health risks, runs inefficiently increasing utility costs, and requires greater expenditure for maintenance and repair costs. Not to speak of the negative impression it gives to friends, neighbors, relatives, and potential home-buyers when it comes time to sell. Here are the reasons why home maintenance is so important.-Pride in ownership and to have a beautiful, well maintained home.

  1. Protect the value of one of your largest, most important, lifetime investments/assets.
  2. Reduce family safety and health risks.
  3. Improve your home’s appearance and appeal.
  4. Peace of mind knowing all systems, equipment, and components are in good working order.
  5. Maximize your home’s sales potential; avoid being surprised by Home
  6. Inspection problems when you go to sell your home.
  7. Everything works as designed.
  8. Recommended by appliance, equipment, and system manufacturers; warranty protection.

Save money and reduce the Total Cost of Home Ownership:

  • Reduce energy consumption and expenditures (lower utility bills).
  • Extend the life of home components, equipment and systems (deferred spending for replacement/repair).
  • Eliminate avoidable repairs and failures (money that never has to be spent; 100% savings).
  • Avoid the damages and repair consequences of equipment or system failures (the cost to repair damage caused by a failure often far exceeds the cost of replacing the failed equipment/ component; e.g.- the property damaged suffered due to a failed Hot Water Heater in a finished basement far exceeds the cost of the Water Heater replacement, sometimes by more than a hundred-fold).
  • Repair costs will decrease (fewer failures, lower costs).